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Create a data-driven culture throughout your organization. Easily share and collaborate on interactive data visualizations using Power BI Pro for self-service analytics.


Conduct data-driven collaboration

• Share rich data visualizations that help everyone make decisions based on facts, not instinct.
• Distribute findings to team members inside and outside your organization, adjusting permissions as needed.
• Access visualizations on the go using the Power BI Mobile app to make data-driven decisions from anywhere.
• Enhance collaboration by using team commenting and stay current with content subscriptions and update alerts.

Discover insights quickly

 • Explore data easily by using conversational language and get meaningful answers to data questions asked in your own words.

• Get insights instantly from your favorite applications using pre-built data visualization and report templates.
• Keep your priority analytics handy by pinning your most relevant content, and ensure others see valuable insights by promoting them using administrative tools.

Get more done with familiar tools

• Get the answers you need quickly using the skills you have today—whether you are most comfortable using other BI tools, Excel, or Azure.
• Increase the impact of your insights by sharing them with teammates in the tools they use every day such as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform.
• Encourage data exploration and insight sharing with an intuitive, familiar experience that looks and works like the other Microsoft technologies your teams already use.

Govern your data securely

• Help prevent data loss with centrally managed, role-specific data protection and row-level security.
• Meet local regulations on service delivery, data residency, access, and control with national clouds.
• Safeguard your data so that it meets the compliance standards and certifications for your industry.

Services Included

Power BI
Power BI

Whats in the Box

Collaboration and Analytics:
• Mobile app access,
• Publish reports to share and collaborate.

Data prep, modelling, and visualization:
• 1 GB Model size limit,
• 8/day refresh rate,
• Connect to more than 100 data sources,
• Create reports and visualizations with Power BI Desktop,
• Embed APIs and controls,
• AI visuals.

Governance and administration:
• Data security and encryption,
• Metrics for content creation, consumption, and publishing,
• 10 GB per maximum storage.

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